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Serving the youth of Preble County & surrounding areas, PC UNITED SOCCER CLUB has been established as a soccer club and exists to provide youth players the opportunity to play soccer. PC UNITED SOCCER CLUB is founded on the principles of Sportsmanship, Fair play, Ethical Conduct, Excellence and Competition. As such, PC UNITED SOCCER CLUB shall not tolerate any actions on the part of its coaches, players or parents that, in any way, breaches these basic tenants of the Club. Excellence and Commitment in all we do directs us to develop a sustained passion for continuous improvement and innovation that propels us personally into a long term, upward spiral of accomplishment and performance, for ourselves and the youth we teach and coach.

PC UNITED SOCCER CLUB is established...

  1. To provide a higher level of competitive soccer for the youth of the surrounding communities.

  2. To identify gifted youth in the competitive sport of soccer and assist in their development so that they may compete at a high competition level.

  3. To provide the best possible training, evaluation and promoting youth opportunities for athletic participation, regardless of family economic or financial situation.

  4. To promote the integrity of soccer competition and personal character.

  5. To provide a venue to develop knowledge and skills of soccer to compete at a high level of competition and to assist the athletes in attaining the next level of competition.

  6. To promote the activities and purpose of the organization to receive broad based public support from the communities served; and

  7. To do within the limits of the law all things necessary, proper, useful and conducive to complete accomplishment of the foregoing purposes.

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